Sales and Leasing of Racewood Simulators

Rentals available for events and promotions.

"The Original Perfectly Schooled Horse"

Our Perfectly Schooled Horse simulates the horses motion at the trot and canter/gallop. There are different simulators for different purposes. Models for Racing, Cantering, Trotting and Polo Training enable Jockeys and Riders to build stamina and improve their skills.

Recommended by training schools throughout the world.

Just Imagine some of the great advantages...
  • Close proximity to student while teaching
  • Safe practice for timid riders
  • Safe controlled environment
  • Learn the correct posture in minutes
  • Perfect rhythmical action all day
  • Practice with mirrors or video to highlight posture
  • Recover from injury with safe measured steps
  • All weather training
  • Practice endurance riding
  • Have some fun
The trotting simulator allows beginners to learn sitting and rising trot in complete safety with the instructor beside them, maintaining even rhythm.
This encourages novice riders to relax the spine and pelvis and develop good posture.

The canter/gallop simulator allows the rider to experience the canter movement without the worry of falling off or the need to keep the horse going forward. Start off slowly and increase the speed with confidence.

It's all about promoting Safety in the Equine industry!
We have the newest technology to teach newcomers to the sport, in the safest way possible.

For more information and sales and leasing availability please contact:

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Harcourt, Ontario, Canada
or email us

A horse that requires no-mucking out, vet bills, farrier bills, hay, bedding, labour. A horse that works all day for you, needs no warm up or cool down, never needs a rest, has no 'off' days, always sound, never moody...
Just Imagine...

Instructors and Coaches!
Every riding school needs at least one!

If you love your school horses and appreciate what your school horses have to deal with, when beginner riders are learning how to ride on them, then you will understand how important it is to add one of these tireless simulators to your herd.

The simulators respond to correct leg pressure and are sensitive enough to rein pressure, that it responds to half halts.

Your horses and your students will love one!

Where can you see the simulators...

February 25, 26 & 27, 2011
The simulators will be with the Haliburton Tourism booth, promoting Haliburton as a great outdoor adventure destination!

Come check out the Toronto Outdoor Adventure show and take a ride on a horse simulator in the Haliburton Tourism booth.
Location:Outdoor Adventure Show

May 29 & 30, 2010
Toronto Doors Open Event
Lots of horsey things going on for people to watch and do.

Click Here for More Info
Location:Exhibition Place - Horse Palace - Mounted Unit
Time:10am - 4 pm

(Royal Canadian Riding Academy)
on Davis Drive Newmarket, December 2009 until April 2010.

Kawartha Downs Family Day
- April 25, 2010 10am - 1pm

Lindsay Ex
All about horses - June 4, 5, 6

Brooklin Spring Fair
June 3,4,5, 2011
Its Brooklin's 100th anniversary this year! Come and have a ride on the horse simulators in the Agricultural tent.


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